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Stoney Sharp is a director, writer, and producer known for his work in comedy television and new media. 

He most recently directed the pilot SMALL VICTORIES for TruTV, which was produced by Abso Lutely Productions and Debbie Liebling. Stoney also directed the most recent forty episodes of COMEDY BANG! BANG! (IFC), the ABC Digital series BROKEN produced by Thank You Brian! Productions,and several segments for BILLY ON THE STREET (TruTV). He has written and directed numerous shorts for Adult Swim, Funny or Die, CRACKED, College Humor, and UCB Comedy: Child Star Psychologist with Kiernan Shipka, Looper: Baldness Anxiety, and Ticklish Cage with Jon Daly to name a few. Stoney created and developed two shows for Adult Swim (4D and CAT DICK), and directed two live action pilots for Adult Swim (CAT DICK and GREEN BENCH SHOW). He is a graduate of the USC Film Production program and is a long time director for the Upright Citizens Brigade.