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A self-taught filmmaker that was raised in the arts, Evan brings a defiant new voice as a visionary, pairing a nuanced eye for crafting stunning cinematography with authentic, emotional performances. The core of Evan’s work is grounded in a raw humanity that always manages to strike an emotional chord. Although a lot of Evan’s work deals in reality, there is an almost surreal, dream-like aesthetic to his style – elevating beauty that otherwise goes unseen. Evan maintains a love and respect for tradition, while always looking to push boundaries and create something striking and original. This defiance is key to his relentless pursuit of original storytelling.

After attending art school, Evan began his career with design and animation, soon transitioning into live-action projects. This diverse and unique skill set as a filmmaker comes from his obsession with art, cinema, photography, writing and VFX. He worked tirelessly creating music videos and short films. In 2010, Evan directed and produced a short film for one of New York City’s oldest and most prominent tattoo shops, N.Y. Adorned. The film quickly received a strong online reception, as well as a Vimeo Staff Pick and was listed by Fubiz as one of the year’s top 5 web films. This no holds barred, DIY approach to filmmaking has been key to Evan’s work – constantly creating regardless of restrictions. Evan has created work for Google, Adidas, Samsung, Guinness, Mountain Dew, Dunkin Donuts, Scion, Intel and even the Sheik of Dubai.

Evan’s first narrative short film GUERRA, which he also wrote, is currently in post production and will hit the festival circuit this year. The film was produced by Frank Grillo (Captain America Civil War, Warrior, The Grey) and focuses on the first day of a young woman’s release from prison as she returns to the boxing gym she knows as home.

Evan currently lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing writing and directing feature films.

5 HS Icon Horizon Eye_sm.jpg

evan'S INSTAGRAM: @evanodennis