SCHWEPPES - Jet Black (Short Film): Kezia

Part of the Schweppes Short Film Festival 2007. Shot on location in NZ.

Jet Black is short film about a time traveling hit man who arrives back from the future after completing his final hit. A final hit with a dreadful revelation. But can he change the future... or be bound to the forces of fate? 

The idea was to position Schweppes as the “Adult” soft drink. But how do you position Schweppes as the adult soft drink when you can’t show anything with “Adult” content on commercial TV? Publicis Mojo's answer was to create “Adult” short films and to use the commercial airtime to drive people to the web site where they could watch the films.
45 second excepts from the films then ran on TV, each of them ending just as the good stuff is about to happen, and each one of them ending with someone raising their finger to their lips to say Shhh…. Followed by the words “For a mature audience” together with details of the web site where you could watch the rest of the films, and see the good stuff



D & AD for Broadcast Innovations for Schweppes Short Film Festival
Bronze for Cinematography for Jet Black at AWARD, Sydney
The One Show: Merit Award / Publicis Mojo for Excellence in Advertising for the Schweppes Short Film Festival
Finalist in Craft in Television & Cinema – Direction: Story Telling & Performance – for Jet Black at AWARD, Sydney
Cannes Lions finalist for Schweppes Short Film Festival in two categories: Product & Service / Best Integrated Promotional Campaign