Instant Gentrification Episode #1: Another neighborhood is getting a Mean Bean coffee franchise, the first sign of some real, hardcore instant gentrification. What will this mean for Mark, who just wants an affordable apartment, or the costumed vigilante who has sworn to protect this neighborhood? Hey baby, I hear the blues a callin' tossed salad and scrambled eggs!

UNIQUE NY (Series): Jetpacks Go!

Unique New York is a fast‐paced sketch series for IFC by Michael Hartney and Justin Tyler that explores the curious characters of the city that never sleeps. From gadgets to gentrification, each episode is an entire sketch show in just four New York minutes. Produced and directed by Jetpacks Go!

Written by and starring Michael Hartney & Justin Tyler. Directed by Alden Ford & Bobby Webster. Produced by Jetpacks Go!

Formerly Known as the Plow Episode #2: Gay leather bar, The Plow, has reopened as a craft cocktail lounge, much to the chagrin of leather daddies Buck and Pigsniff. Can they take the bar back from contentious straight couple Adam and Becky and competitive mixologists Trevor and Chase? And what does Steven Springsteen have to do with all of this? Episode #3: What happens when tweens who communicate exclusively in Emojis and hipsters who have rejected modern technology clash and are caught by the cameras of the completely terrible mapping website Nothing less than judgment day.

House of Sportz Episode #4: New York City parks are a whole weird world in and of themselves. Meet old Herb and Sydney. They know the best of everything New York has to offer. EVERYTHING. Pegbeth and Jorleen are Southern tourists who will not tolerate big‐city rudeness.