Brand Direct: Capabilities and Process

We help brands focus on their message by offering a fully integrated production solution for their individual content needs.


Live Action Production:

Our industry leading roster of directors at Honor Society create engaging content in any style that suits your brand

Creative Editorial:

We offer a boutique editorial experience at Bandit that allows creativity and storytelling to take the lead

Design & Animation:

Our designers at Scout design stuff - need to shine this description up.


We also offer a comprehensive audio post experience with our sister companies Butter Music and Mr. Bronx Audio Mix

Our Process

It all starts with your brand. Everything from creative ideation to production services, we start with the initial question, what do you want to create and which of our offerings make sense for your brand?

From major tech companies to small mom and pop brands, we offer tired pricing options that range from digital content to super-bowl spots and everything in between.

Have questions about what makes sense for your brand? We have dedicated account executives that will help you find a solution. Once that objective is decided upon, they see your project from the initial scope of work through final deliverables.


With industry leading creative directors at our fingertips & an exclusive roster of directors from the Feature Film, Episodic, Music Video and traditional commercial words; we cut out the middle man by directly connecting the minds who will concept and execute your brands creative vision.

Refined and Efficient

With over 50+ years of combined experience, we know what it takes to develop great creative without the overhead of a traditional Madison Ave agency. The antiquated bureaucratic agency model does not work for progressive brands focused more on creative production.


External resources

In addition to our in-house production, editorial, design and music/audio mix capabilities, we have a network of creative directors and strategists that give us the ability to see projects from the creative development and testing stage all the way through media placement.