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Brennan began his career at MTV Promos as a writer and grew to become an in-house director. Gradually, he moved away from comedy work and he made his way into doing more cerebral and quietly emotional doc work, which strengthened his ability to tell visual stories within the context of the ‘real world’. That binary split also helped him understand the interdependence between what makes us laugh and what makes us feel on deeper, emotional levels. Knowing how to keep that relationship at the core of his work helps him build stories with resonant and encompassing humanity.

As a key filmmaker in the original ‘Craftsman Films’ movement, creating films on people like Daphne Guinness, Mast Brothers Chocolate, the architects Roman & Williams, and surfer/artist/designer Chris Gentile, among others, Brennan was able to hone and develop his craft. His work strives to portray a sense of beauty, meaningful life and optimism in an increasingly chaotic and confusing world without going dark or heavy-handed.

Brennan has directed spots for such brands as Cadillac, Samsung, Google, Infiniti, Chevy, Chase Bank, Prudential, Southwest Airlines and Jim Beam.